From Tuesday to Saturday 30th of July to 3rd of August 2024

Every Tattoo Club gig is a unique show built just for this festival, and you cannot experience it anywhere else. The Tattoo Club has no warm-ups, but every club night starts at full blast at 22.00 in the marquee at the Market Place of Hamina, staying open until the wee hours. The Tattoo Club is the centre of nightlife of the Hamina Tattoo festival and a meeting and jamming place for musicians.

The Tattoo Club is the venue for top-ranking artists and best shows from Tuesday to Saturday. During the day when there are no concerts, the Tattoo Club serves as a food and beer restaurant with no admission fee. In the evening, the doors open at 20.00.

In the evenings age limit 18 years.

The possibility of changes reserved.



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