Here you can find additional information about the venues of the Hamina Tattoo

Hamina Bastion

Raatihuoneenkatu 12

The fortress of Hamina has been under repair from the early 1960s. The Central Bastion on the northern side of the fortress was completed in 1998. The Town of Hamina has converted it into an event arena. The area is now covered in the summer by a canopy designed by the architect Roy Mänttäri, forming a bold counterbalance in terms of its architecture and dimensions to the row of 58 casemates surrounding the inner court of the Bastion. The casemates are fitted with modern technology, and some of them are equipped to serve as restaurant facilities.

The event arena of Hamina Bastion provides the March Shows with a worthy venue, giving the public memorable experiences amidst the ramparts of the fortress almost 300 years old. Hamina Bastion is covered by the largest summer canopy in Finland. The stands at the Bastion can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators.

Kesäpuisto Park

Fredrikinkatu 9

A beautiful park in the heart of Hamina, established in the Lappeenranta Bastion in the 1850s. Kesäpuisto Park in front of the Puistotalo building is the venue of daily free concerts during the Tattoo week. The Puistotalo building has served as a hotel and in the use of the Swedish Social Club. Today, it houses the local music institute.

Town Hall Square


The eight radial streets of the old circular centre of Hamina start from the Town Hall Square. The Town Hall is located at the Town Hall Square at the hub of the eight radial streets. The Town Hall now houses municipal offices. In the past, the building has served as a bank and police department, among others.

The Tattoo Parade will be held at the Town Hall Square on Thursday 31 July.

Field of Reserve Officer School

Kadettikoulunkatu 6

The event arena of the Finnish Defence Forces is located on the field in front of the main building of the Reserve Officer School. The Reserve Officer School has been operating in Hamina since the 1920s.

Tattoo Street


The Tattoo Street with its stalls and musical entertainment is in Fredrikinkatu street, which is one of the radial streets of the circular centre of Hamina.

Market Place

The Market Place is a busy trading place in the heart of Hamina. The Market Place has previously served as a playing field for Finnish baseball pesäpallo, and the shape of the field is still visible. This means that you can buy bread on base 1, flowers on base 2 and fish on base 3!

During the Tattoo week, the Tattoo Club emerges at the Market Place, with daily entertainment for both children and adults. In the evenings, there is music ranging from hit songs to jazz.

Wanha Veteraani

Kadettikoulunkatu 7

In Bastion Jazz Finnish top jazz presents itself in enjoyable doses from Tuesday to Saturday.

Church of St John

Raatihuoneentori 10


The Neoclassical church of the Lutheran parish follows the design of Greek temples. The church built in 1843 was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. The official residence of the commandant of the fortress used to be located at the site of the church. The Russian negotiators of the Treaty of Hamina lived in the residence, and the treaty was signed here. There is a memorial stone commemorating this near the church.

Church of St Mary

Pikkuympyräkatu 34

The medieval stone church dedicated to St Mary is the oldest building in South-Eastern Finland. The Neoclassical appearance by Carl Ludvig Engel is from the repair work in the 1820s. Of the Medieval paintings, a painted cross denoting the inauguration of the church remains on the eastern external wall. The museum room presents ecclesiastic life from the 1700s onwards.

Simeon Hall

Pikkuympyräkatu 34


Kaivokatu 8

A flag tower of the fortress commander was built at the tip of the Helsinki Bastion in 1790. The bastion and the ramparts around it were demolished in 1889. The 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Hamina was held in the area in 1909. To mark the occasion, marble boards with texts in Russian depicting events of the war were placed on the outer walls of the tower.

Old gardens within the fortress area

Be enchanted by the gardens of old private houses within the fortress area. Many of the gardens will be open to the public for the second time during the Hamina Tattoo. You can get to know 13 lovely gardens in the unique circular town, experiencing vivid cultural history and enjoying outdoor concerts, pop up cafeterias, art exhibitions and flea markets.

The gardens will be open every day from 12.00. The more detailed programme will be published later.

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